Radiant Awakening, Humanity's Transformational Journey

Lesley Carmack, M.S.

Lesley has an extensive and multi-level world-view derived from personal experience, esoteric meditative practices and scientific theories in parapsychology and transformative states of consciousness. 

Merging conventional science and metaphysics, transpersonal psychology and bioenergetic healing, Lesley has demonstrated her clairvoyant ability to affect change and promote healing in scientifically documented research studies. She holds a Masters of Science in counseling psychology and has studied oriental medicine and acupuncture in Seoul, Korea.

A long time student of Christian mysticism, ancient wisdom meditative systems, subtle energy medicine, and Tibetan Buddhism, Lesley offers an integrative, multicultural orientation and esoteric insight to her work.   

   She has co-authored texts with her husband Jim on group dynamics, problem solving and creative thinking for the government and corporations. She travels internationally teaching and presenting seminars that promote global, heart-centered awareness for the emerging, collective future. 


Ruth Eichler, M.Ed., MSW

A psychotherapist in private practice, Ruth has developed and facilitated hundreds of groups and programs for personal and spiritual growth throughout the United States, Germany and Russia.  A visionary and community builder, she has guided the development of retreat centers and a holistic healing center and formed councils that share leadership through consensus, empowering all who participate.   

Ruth has a lifelong passion for finding ways to nurture both depth and zest for life.  She integrates insights, skills and wisdom in her life and in her work incorporated from Psychosynthesis, Imago Relationship Therapy, yoga, astrology, Sufism and Native American spirituality.  Believing that all of life – cellular to planetary – moves toward wholeness, she has devoted her energies to bring healing, balance and integration for the wellbeing of individuals, groups and Planet Earth. 

Her previous book, Twelve Songs of the Soul, is an integration of heart-centered astrology with Psychosynthesis. 

She lives with her husband in Michigan where they have created a nature sanctuary and retreat, a Peace/Soundchamber for community ceremony and celebration of spirit, and classes leading to healing and wholeness.   
www.12-songs.com; www.earthsongpeace.com

The purpose of Radiant Awakening is to provide understanding, guidance and a context for the transformation that is occurring for humanity and the planet as vibrational fields rapidly quicken.

As light is infused into humanity and the planet, many experiences are held in the unconscious that are not yet consciously integrated into language that the brain can articulate. 

We hope that the book uplifts and catalyzes conscious awareness, integration and expansion during this time of unprecedented planetary shift.